Hockney’s photoshop drawings




Today I went to see an exhibition of David Hockney’s new pictures in the Annely Juda gallery, Dering Street, London W1. He’s done them all using Photoshop and a graphics tablet. The portraits are 100% drawn in Photoshop, but some of the landscapes include varying amounts of photomontage. They’re all big and beautiful: luscious.

I was interested in this not just because I love Hockney’s work, but also because I use Photoshop and the graphics tablet a lot in my work, and so I was fascinated to see how someone I really admire uses them: I wasn’t disappointed.

The little image here was a picture he drew on his i-phone with his finger! Nothing like the level of sophistication of the big pictures, but still fun.

If you visit, a good lunch can be had in Rasa, just opposite the gallery. They serve great Keralan food, and at lunchtimes do lunchboxes from just £3.50. And that’s 2 courses of hot food to eat in! OK it’s in a plastic tray with plastic cutlery – not regular Rasa standard – but a reasonable lunch for that price just off London’s Oxford Street is amazing!


2 thoughts on “Hockney’s photoshop drawings

  1. Apparently it’s Brushes, or so I gather from a quick google. I did once come across a blog where someone was doing an iPhone sketch a day on different apps, and she posted an app comparison chart too. You might try googling this.<br/><br/>I have tried ‘Sketchbook’, which is OK but I think you have to put in quite a bit of practice to produce anything good!

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