Adaptation to the eglu run


This photo shows the chicken filter I’ve made for the eglu. It divides the run in half: the little hens can get though the gateways, but in theory at least the big ones can’t!

On hearing a major commotion the other day I discovered that Lily had managed to squeeze her way through, and on discovering that the grass was no greener on the other side had decided to vent her irritation on the little ones.

I’m having to give far larger portions of salad to the larger hens now in the hope that Lily won’t get tempted across again!

Note to eglu owners: in case it’s not clear, I’ve inserted a sheet of metal grid between the two halves of the run, then re-clipped it all together. After this was in place for a week I made the two doorways by cutting and bending back some of the grid (those jewellery pliers came in handy!) and then covering up all the wire ends with gaffer tape.


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