Movement necklaces


This week I’ve been working on test pieces for new necklaces I plan to make in gold for Goldsmiths’ Fair.

My big catalogue piece for the Fair is called ‘One Day I’ll Waltz’. It was inspired by a Viennese evening some months back: the culmination of a series of dance lessons. On the night our community hall looked the part, bedecked with garlands, candles, and our very best cardboard and silver-paper ‘mirrors’.

The orchestra was fantastic, the food amazing. But oh dear the dancing was hard! Whilst in my mind I whirled, spun and floated across the floor, in reality it was all toe crunching and knee bumping.

This neckpiece was created for the dance floor of my dreams, the vision rather than the reality.

The necklaces I’m working on now are more discrete, more ‘meander’ or ‘hop, skip and jump’ than waltz, but they’re still about portraying a sense of movement and mood. Photos later!


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