A flock of about 40 sparrows lives in the climbing rose outside my bedroom window, and they run their daily schedule in direct response to the sun rising and setting. This means that in the depths of winter we wake before them, and in the summer it’s definitely the other way round.

At the moment we’re pretty much in tune, and just after I wake they begin their ‘song’. Which is not a good word for it actually, as it’s not particularly tuneful. And because there are so many of them, and no orchestration, they sound pretty much like an orchestra tuning up.

As I’m in ‘design mode’ at the moment all sorts of things begin to translate themselves into jewellery in my head, and so yesterday morning I just had to sketch the sound of the sparrows as I lay in my bed.

After breakfast I began playing with some wax wire, and by lunchtime had assembled the wax doodles into a piece which I hope might become a brooch. It’s with the casters now, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I get back next week!


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