Getting ready


It’s all go at the moment: I’ve just posted work off to the Galanthus Gallery, I’m getting ready for the Craft in Focus ‘Desire’ show which starts next week too, and I’m working hard on a new jewellery collection.

The image shows a stage in the development of the necklace that I’ve just been soldering: the elements are in the polisher now prior to assembly. Like the rest of my new collection it’s based on the concept of the nest. Nests are the in-thing here at the moment. The sparrows that live outside the bedroom window are busy gathering small planty scraps, and the great tits are inspecting the bird boxes. The hens are into nest making too: they’ve both come back into lay after their moults, and are augmenting their eglu nest with bits of leaf.

My new collection will have some three dimensional nesty pieces in it as well as my usual two dimensional pieces: a development from the sparrow sound experiment I blogged about recently (that piece has now become a pendant!)

I’ll be showcasing some of my prototypes at Desire Jewellery and Silversmithing show next week (as well as a full range of my jewellery) and would welcome your feedback! It’s in Richmond from Friday 5th – Sunday 7th March.

The ‘Animals and Birds’ exhibition in the Galanthus gallery, in Wormbridge, Hereford, features art and craft, and runs from Thursday 4th March until 10th April.


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