The aftermath

Finally I did get the chance to have a bit of a look around the glorious gardens of Wisley – not because the fair wasn’t busy, but because my friend Kathy was helping me (thanks Kathy!)


We had a good last day, making this one of the best fairs I’ve done. I was particularly pleased that people liked (and bought) my new ‘nest’ jewellery collection and my new hen prints. I’ve several commissions to work on now.

A number of people were interested in buying online, so it’s just as well that getting this going properly is one of my goals for the next few months. In the meantime I can always email photos and use the credit card machine over the telephone, so do email me if you’re after something!

Sometimes I feel a bit sad on packing up after a show and this was one of those times. I was pleased to remember my purchases from the Heyland and Whittle stand this morning – I’m sure the happy sunny buzz will be conjured up each time I smell the wonderful olive and fig perfume.


Back in Bird Cottage it’s chaos in the garden (as well as the studio). The wood pigeons have decided they want to nest in the rose on the front of the house. Problem is the blackbirds have already claimed that spot, having shunted the previously resident sparrows to a nearby wall. I wonder who will win?


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