Feeling indecisive: feedback please!

I’ve been designing my advert for the Contemporary Craft Fair brochure.

The standard entry has text only, so I want to add a picture so people can remember my work and find my contact details quickly.


These two variations are the forerunners: but which is best??? I’ve reserved a quarter page slot, and the page is about A4 size. Any views?


4 thoughts on “Feeling indecisive: feedback please!

  1. I like the first one: more dynamic and perhaps fits better with the design of the jewellery itself. Somehow I feel more inclined to read the information in the first one rather than the second one.

  2. Thanks glirr! I agree it’s livelier. Although someone said to me people might get annoyed with having to put their heads on one side to read it! Obviously not as used to reading other people’s newspapers on the tube as I am! 😉

  3. After some thought I agree on the first – though I do not like to turn my head to read. The necessary information to find your stall is given without twisting though 😉 – to remember your name probably comes second! well, I’m rather late, suppose you’ve already decided!

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