Preparing for Bovey Tracey

I’m busy preparing for the Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey in Devon at the moment. I’ve put my last hallmarking package into the assay office and I’m moving on to the smaller pieces that are below the hallmarking threshold plus some new prints. 


I’ve been working on some new sterling silver pendants as part of my nest range. They’re double domed pieces: shaped almost like flying saucers. What I particularly like about them is that they’re very adaptable, and can either be worn either close to the neck or longer. I’ll be selling them with both a silver cable and a longer cord for two quite different looks: either just threads through. What I’d really like is to find a way of making the same piece attachable as a brooch, but I’ll have to work on that!

On a slightly different subject I was delighted to find one of my bird brooches blogged about the other day. The brooch is called ‘Que?’ and it was showcased in ‘Grazing Kate’, an insider’s guide to food and life in Devon and Cornwall. Kate’s a regular visitor to Bovey Tracey and I feel very flattered to have been picked out!


One thought on “Preparing for Bovey Tracey

  1. Hi Christine – thanks for visiting my blog – your brooch is super – it really stood out as being special. The Contemp Craft Fair is fast approaching and I’ll be there – helping out as a volunteer, I’ll come and introduce myself when I find you! Thanks for stopping by – I shall now investigate your blog further.<br/><br/>Grazing Kate

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