New Designers

Been pretty busy recently. On Friday we visited New Designers to select 6 graduates for our Designer Jewellers Group Barbican winter exhibition, and today we closed down our DJG Barbican summer exhibition.

On the way home I popped back into New Designers but purely for pleasure this time! Only a quick visit to see the textiles, and it was great to spot the quirky, graphic work of textile and surface pattern designer Nicky Booth there.


I was instantly drawn to the mixture of simple, bold shapes and delightful sketchy drawings combined in the front hanging. Then Nicky told me about the inspiration behind her current collection: all three pieces were based on the domestic aspects of military life, and the front one was about shaving! I would never have guessed it, but once explained it was clear and quite fascinating. You can actually see an ear to the left of my photo, and that’s part of a razor below. The quality of my image unfortunately doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the work.

I particularly liked the hanging at the back too, which was based on polishing boots. The edge of the eyelets and boot lace just show above Nicky’s shoulder. Boot polish tin labels and sketchy brushes were also featured on this hanging. 

Hugely imaginative and completely unique, I’d have loved to know more about how Nicky came to be interested in this area, but unfortunately there wasn’t time. With the combination of both printing and stitching techniques I just loved these. Nicky’s definitely one to watch.

More about the jewellery another day! 😉

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