Time to play


Cellophane and ribbon necklace8
Originally uploaded by Christine Kaltoft

Finally got round to photographing some of the samples and test pieces I made at the Association for Contemporary Jewellery’s conference ‘Crossings’.

I made this piece from cellophane and ribbon during a workshop with Robert Ebendorf. I found getting started really hard: there was this vast collection of remnants and found things: a lot of them were tempting but I was stuck for ideas. Then I realised I wanted to transform something rather than reframing it, so choosing things I actually liked wasn’t necessarily a good idea.

Finally I found a roll of cellophane, and got completely engrossed in knotting it, knitting it, making rope with it, and generally just enjoying it’s texture and sparkle. Once I remembered how to play it was great!

I’m hoping that seeing as I’m posting this directly from my new flickr account, you might see the rest of the images if you click on the image here. If not I’ll have to revert to Blogger to put a link in.


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