Designer Jewellers Group at the Barbican



Our winter show at the Barbican is now up and running! I love doing this show because one of the things that I really miss about my previous career is the team work: pulling together with a great group of people towards a shared goal is something I really enjoy. 

There are just over 30 of us in the Designer Jewellers Group and we work as a co-operative, each taking on different roles and tasks. Our aim is to make sure that we put on great shows and bring a variety of high quality designer jewellery to the buying public – and of course make some good sales!




One of the strengths of the group is its diversity. Different jewellers design, make and sell in so many different ways that there’s always something to learn from each other. It also means that our show has a wide appeal: there’s jewellery there for people with very different tastes and budgets. And as we’re ‘doing it for ourselves’ the people on duty are always practicing jewellers who actually have work on display and know the other makers.

The other thing I really like is that my job with the group at the moment is co-ordinating the New Designers. Each year we select six of the best to join us in our winter show. We liaise and offer support to them over the summer and it’s always a highlight of the exhibition to see the fantastic new work they bring. But that’s a subject that deserves a post of it’s own!

Do pop along to see the show: it’s on every day from now until 5th January (except 24th, 25th, 26th December) from 12 midday till 8pm. On the ground floor of the Barbican Centre next to the new food hall (where you’ll find great coffee, cakes and more!)



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