Spotlight on Kayleigh Biggs

I promised to write more about the six up-and-coming new designer makers we selected to join us in our Designer Jewellers Group Winter exhibition at the Barbican this year.

First up is Kayleigh Biggs.


Kayleigh says her jewellery is influenced by ‘nostalgic narratives’ and I can certainly read this in her gorgeous ‘luxuriant necklace’ (shown above). Referencing patterns past – which are of course very current – the pieces in this collection have a rich liveliness and flamboyance which is quite lavish.


In some of her pieces Kayleigh uses textiles alongside precious metals, and as well as traditional metalwork techniques she also uses the laser welder. The great thing about laser welding is that it allows you to use the high temperatures needed to weld precious metals together without burning more combustible materials because the intense beam is so very focused.


Kayleigh also gives her work a delicate gradated patina, ‘antiquing’ the surfaces in a particularly subtle way, and highlights the silver she uses with punctuation marks of gold.

Seeing a whole collection of Kayleigh’s work together on her shelf in the Barbican is great: it makes a fantastic display and I’m sure it’s going to sell really well!

You can see (and buy) Kayleigh’s work at the Barbican until 5th January 2011. 

For more information on Kayleigh and her work do see her website:, and you can follow her on twitter: or facebook:



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