Elizabeth Humble: precious landscapes

Profiling another of the new designers we’ve selected to exhibit at the Designer Jewellers Group show at the Barbican this winter: Elizabeth Humble.


Elizabeth impressed me right away as I walked round at the New Designers show last July because she actually approached me and was immediately friendly and ready to talk about her work. That may not seem much, but when some graduates have to be hunted down and winkled out of their bored and self conscious clumps, Elizabeth’s approach definitely stood out. 


On seeing her jewellery I wasn’t surprised to hear that Elizabeth had won the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Company Jewellery Award, and as a result would be designing an exclusive commercial collection for luxury jewellery brand Astley Clarke. 


Elizabeth’s main source of inspiration is the rugged and beautiful landscape of the west coast of Scotland. She begins by drawing weather-beaten hillsides and areas of coastal erosion in her sketchbook on field trips. 


Back in the workshop she works on selecting details and structures from her drawings that she can translate into metal. Layering silver wires and using hand-forming techniques, Elizabeth has developed a collection that includes brooches, necklaces, earrings, and rings.


The work that Elizabeth has on display in the Barbican is stunning and unique. On display from 8am to 11pm but only on sale from 12 midday till 8pm, in the DJG pop-up shop by the Food Hall. Not to be missed!


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