The Bovey that was…

Just thought I’d share a few bits and pieces from the weekend, in case you missed it…

The Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey is really much more than just a craft fair: it’s a major event. The landlord in my B&B complained about the £7 entrance fee, but to be honest there was enough there to keep you occupied for a whole day, and considering the cost of entrance to stately homes or other attractions I think this was a complete bargain. Poor little Bovey Tracey must wonder what’s hit it!

There’s lots going on: music, food, demonstrations and workshops in addition to 165 designer makers. Couldn’t resist snapping this little group of knitters underneath a knitting adorned tree…


Wonderful willow huts – I’d have loved one of these as a child (and they still look tempting now)


In fact I nearly opted for another somewhat more adult woven creation: a wonderful hat by Sally-Ann Provan (is that Sally-Ann knitting under the tree? Think so!)


I was also tempted by pots by Katrin Moye, bags and pictures by Dr Bean’s Bags, and jewellery by Sarah Lindsay, to name just a few. Wish I’d had time to snap equally fantastic jewellery by Dot Sim, Tanja Ufer, and Suzanne Potter.


One day I’m definitely going to indulge in a bird sculpture by Celia Smith.


This is my stand:


It was all great fun with amazing creations during the day and parties in the evenings. This toy by Robert Race was on an outing to the designers tent…

I wish I’d made it to the toy tent to see more, but the heavens opened on the Sunday and I didn’t manage a full exploration.


Never mind – hopefully I’ll manage next year!




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