SEED @ Black Swan Arts

Just wanted to show you a few quick snaps of my latest outlet: SEED which is now in the Black Swan Arts building in Frome.


Having recently moved to Somerset I’ve been checking out potential nearby outlets for my jewellery, and had shortlisted both SEED (which used to be in Catherine Hill) and Black Swan Arts. Imagine my distress when I heard that the Black Swan craft shop was closing due to Somerset County Council’s arts funding cuts, and SEED was moving! Luckily it was only short lived as it emerged that SEED was moving into Black Swan’s shop: a really great solution, to have a home grown business taking over this key Frome facility. 


I was delighted when Sinead approached me about supplying some jewellery for the new enlarged SEED. The shop only opened the day before these photos were taken, and it had all been set up in record time. Not surprisingly there’s a freshness to the display, alongside the feel of this being an aladdin’s cave, ripe with opportunities to discover and be delighted.


Regulars will recognise the familiar SEED style: every corner looks fantastic, full of gorgeous products, treats for the self and the home. 


The shop is a haven for gift hunters, with everything from cards and candles through to table wear and probably even tables, because most of the display furniture is actually for sale!


Sinead really does have a knack for both selecting and displaying things, so SEED is well worth a visit. The Black Swan Arts gallery is still open on the first floor with a good programme of exhibitions, and the craft studios and Divas cafe are still open too, so there’s plenty to see and do within the same building.

2 Bridge Street, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BB.



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