New Designers 2011

Really looking forward to visiting New Designers 2011 this week. I had such a fantastic time there myself four years ago that I get a buzz just from the anticipation! 

This year I’ll be visiting on behalf of the Designer Jewellers Group, as every year we select six of the best new jewellery designer makers to join us in our winter show at the Barbican, London. There’ll be seven of us on the selection panel this time. We all separately select our favourites and then whittle down the choices: usually a very hard job!

Revisiting the chosen few afterwards to reveal our identities and make offers can be surprisingly emotional as we’re all quite excited!

It’ll be great to see three of our last year’s group exhibiting again this year in the ‘One Year On’ section: Tom McDowell, Elizabeth Humble, and Nicola Mather.

Two bits of advice to people exhibiting for the first time: please keep a good stock of postcards to hand (we use them to vote for you), and also do use the experience to get used to talking to people about your work! I know it’s hard, but be there, next to it, make eye contact, and smile! You really can’t tell who’s got a great offer up their sleeve, and competition is strong. If we haven’t been able to talk to you it’s much harder to make a good case for selecting you even if we love your work.

Good luck to everyone!


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