Pinterest: keeping my dreams in the ether

Moving into a smaller home has upsides and downsides. One plus has been that I’ve found newer and better solutions to all those piles of paper I used to accumulate with notes about things I loved. The old paper piles hung around and haunted me, accusingly. I couldn’t deal with them: what would dealing with them mean? I couldn’t possibly buy all those lovely things, and yet neither could I throw away the little snippetty reminders I posessed.

Thankfully the internet often comes to my rescue now. Evernote and Dropbox are great virtual storage spaces for different things. Pinterest is – I think – lesser known and that’s partly why I’m focusing on it here. Not only is it just such a nice, visual storage place, but it’s also very public, and why not share lovely things? It’s fun and inspirational, and definitely worth shouting about!

How it works is that you sign up for an account, and then clip online images and links to virtual pin-boards, covering whatever categories you like. The boards are public, which means you get to see other peoples great finds too.


So, here’s a link to images of some jewellery that I love


I often find textile designs and graphic design inspirational, so I have a board for 2d designs.


With moving into a new home, decor is never far from my mind right now. My decor board is a great place for keeping track of ‘one day’ things, plus things that’ll never really fit but I love them anyway!


Of course food is never far from my thoughs, and in those days before we had a fully functional kitchen having a food board was a great way of keeping my aspirations alive.


One thing I really missed, when half our possessions were still in London and we were in Somerset, was my collection of ceramics. We’ve collected a number of beautiful pots and vases over the years, and having them back with us now really makes the cottage feel like home. So I couldn’t be without a vessels board: it’s been a way of keeping in touch with my missing pots!

That’s just a hint of the delights of pinterest. It’s a great way of appreciating, promoting, and sharing as well as remembering and finding new lovely / funny / interesting people and things. Try it!


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