Gallery nine

Had a lovely day last Friday taking a package of work into my newest gallery: Gallery nine in Bath.


Bath is the closest big city to my new home in Somerset, and so I was very pleased when Sarah Denholm, the proprietor, came around to my stand at the Contemporary Craft Fair in June and asked if I’d like to exhibit in her gallery. A few weeks later I ventured into Bath and I found that her gallery was definitely my sort of place, so I gladly accepted her offer to be my representative in this beautiful city!


The gallery itself is in a really nice area. Margarets Buildings is a small pedestrian street a few minutes walk from the centre. It’s less touristy and more residential up here, and the gallery sits alongside some lovely little shops, cafes and restaurants: an ideal situation. 


Inside everthing is beautifully presented. A number of highly reputable jewellers I know have work there: Catherine Hills, Lesley Strickland, Gail Klevan to name just a few. 


There are two floors, and addition to jewellery, Gallery nine has a great collection of ceramics.


These elegant vessels are by David White. Sasha Wardell and Phillip Lydden also have work there which I also love.


And who can resist Sue Binns lovely stripey and really functional mugs and jugs (not me – I have several!)


There was a great selection of paintings and prints. I particularly liked the paintings in this picture, by Neil Canning. Made me wish I had more wall space. The textiles were good too: some lovely scarves. Sarah and I obviously have similar tastes.


All in all, I’d highly recommend a trip to Gallery nine. It’s certainly a place I’d be frequenting even if I didn’t have some of my jewellery in there.

9b Margarets Buildings, Bath, BA7 2LP

tel 01225 319197


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