Somerset Art Weeks: Wick Farm


I’ve long been a fan of open studios: in fact visiting ‘Hidden Art’ studios in London’s east end was one of the things that made me passionate about craft in the first place long before I became a maker. I loved climbing wonky staircases and emerging into wonderful caverns of creativity: quite magical. Of course the romance disguised often appalling working conditions and extreme poverty, and I’m sure makers who were sometimes quite desperate for a sale. And we did buy some fantastic things, some of which still adorn our home now.


I had no idea what Somerset Art Weeks would be like though, as this is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to attend any of the exhibitions and events. To our great delight I have to say they’ve been fantastic. Very different to the London events in many ways, but still revealing sides of life that are new to us, and of course some amazing art and craft.


One place we’ve visited and thoroughly enjoyed was Wick Farm, near Langport. Ten artists had collaborated to create a whole trail of fun things.

I particularly loved the gigantic metal hare’s head shown above, and the swimming costumes which had been planted up with flowers beside a swimming pool were fun. A turf seat with upcycled sacking cushions was refreshingly cool and surprisingly comfortable. The shepherds hut full of fast deteriorating food sculptures, was, I guess, interesting (as well as very saggy and rather mouldy).


In the wood (yes it’s a world away from Hoxton) there were a number of installations including a series of action men and women climbing a tree (amongst other antics), a giant rabbit sitting in a tree, a series of etherial dog paintings, and various suspended carvings.

Unlike the London studios, there wasn’t much of an emphasis on things being sold, unless you count the soup, tea and cakes, which we happily bought and throughly enjoyed!

All in all: top marks for effort. Loved the map, the atmosphere, the venue, the food, and some of the art, and I’d definitely visit again. Many thanks Wick Farm Arts!


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