Somerset Art Weeks: Holt Farm


Now I’m feeling slightly guilty about this post because we went to see the Redlynch Artists who were exhibiting at the Organic Gardens at Holt Farm, but actually I’m afraid I preferred the organic gardens to the show. Sorry Redlynch artists, but I guess art isn’t meant to appeal to everyone anyway, is it?


The wonderful gardens at Holt Farm certainly did appeal to me though. Holt Farm turns out to be the home farm of the Yeo Valley dairy business owners. They open their garden to the public on specific days throughout the summer and for special events including this show.


This is my sort of garden. Wild(ish) swathes of flowers bursting through gravel, vistas, sculpture, a vegetable garden, and a great tea room. Lovely cakes. Amazing loos!


I particularly liked the way that each little feature was thought through and attended to: the handles on gates were beautifully crafted for instance, in fact there was a lot of art in the garden in one way and another. I regret now not taking more pictures, but it was rather rainy when we were there, and you can see more pictures here, on the Veg Plotting blog


Do take a look at the Holt Farm website: it’s equally well crafted with – believe it or not – a snail walking around it waving it’s antennae (I assume that’s what they’re called). I guess walking is the wrong word, but it is in all honesty a little too jerky to be called a slither.


Whimsy – no garden (or website) should be without it. Open once more this year only, on 30th October for Seedy Sunday.

This feels like a generous garden, and I shall enjoy my Yeo Valley dairy products all the more from now on!


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