Ros Millar


Unusually, I’d heard of and seen Ros Millar’s jewellery before I saw it at New Designers last July. Exhibiting in the ‘one year on’ section, Ros has done such a brilliant job with getting her work out there that it’s hard to believe she only graduated in 2009.  


Ros’s trademark is stacks of organically inspired gold and oxidised silver rings, which she makes in her studio in London.


This jewellery has a very contemporary feel to it. A glimspe into Ros’ sketch book shows a cluster of teeth cast in silver, giving a hint of the origins of this bold, assertive work. I’d love to see her graduation collection and see how her work has developed, because I hadn’t spotted the toothy link in the jewellery I’ve seen. This work is already really mature and considered. 


It’s interesting that Ros uses the process cuttlefish casting in her jewellery. This really ancient technique gives more than just texture to her jewellery: there’s definitely a hint of the sea in there. The knobblyness suggests barnacles clinging to and growing out of the rings. And is it just me that sees a shoal of swimming creatures in the image above, and waving fronds of some sort of seaweed or some sea creature in the image below?



Work of this quality does no go unrecognised, and Ros already has a string of shows and awards under her belt. The image of her in her workshop above (by Nick Hand) was taken when she was a finalist for the Balvenie Young Master of Craft Awards, and her blogfacebook page, and website bristle with well deserved achievements.



I’m delighted that Ros is exhibiting with us in the DJG pop-up shop in the Barbican this winter. Open till 8pm every evening till 6th January (except 24th, 25th & 26th December), this is a great opportunity to see her work and stock up on those late Christmas presents! 


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