Kathryn Hinton

Today I received the loveliest package: some jewellery by Kathryn Hinton. Unfortunately it’s not for me – I’m taking it in to the Barbican in London tomorrow, to supplement Kathryn’s fast dwindling collection there.


This jewellery is amazing not just in the end result, but also in it’s method of production. You can see Kathryn in the picture above, and what she’s doing is using a digital hammer to form the shapes of her jewellery: you can see the piece she’s working on on the screen in front of her. 


The result of this stage is a digital file, as you can see in the image of the ring above. I haven’t discussed the next stages with Kathryn, but I’m imaging the digital file is printed out in wax, which is then cast in metal.


The end product is a silver version of the digital image, which Kathryn then finishes by hand. Pretty incredible really, and the end results are beautiful: facets which catch the light, glimmering gently. Subtle and understated, elegant and sophisticated. Deceptively simple: I love them!

See more of Kathryn’s jewellery and silversmithing on her website or pop along to the DJG pop-up shop in the Barbican now until 6th January to buy some. 

Kathryn developed her work at the Royal College of Art, and currently also has a piece in the Crafts Council’s Power of Making exhibition at the V&A.


One thought on “Kathryn Hinton

  1. Unique style. She may try to stud some red or blue gems to it. I believe it will give more better look. However without a gem also this one looks beautiful and unique.

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