Filipa Oliveira


It’s always good to see a new take on an old tradition, and that’s exactly what Filipa Oliveira does. I first came across her work in the New Designers exhibition in London last summer, when she’d just been awarded with the Goldsmiths’ Company’s award for jewellery: quite an honour.


It was no wonder Filipa had such a crowd around her: this is unusual work, and a great updating of an age-old technique. During her studies Philipa explored the ancient technique of filigree, which is associated with different peoples and cultures at different times and in many countries. Having begun her career in her native Portugal, Filipa took her degree in Jewellery and Metal Design in Dundee.


Making repeated tiny forms and often incorporating gemstones, Philipa constructs beautifully intricate cell-like patterns: her jewellery almost seems to unfold.


You can see (and buy) more of Filipa’s work at the Barbican, open again now until 6th January, or on her website or facebook page.


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