My first solo show!

We’ve been living in Somerset for a year now, and so it’s very timely that my first solo show has opened in my new home town!

Bruton museum hosts a programme of local artist’s work with the show changing each month, and for April 2012 it’s my work in the spotlight! This feels quite important to me because jewellery is such a diverse art, and although I’ve met many new people here, and many of them know I’m a jewellery designer maker, I suspect that means many different things to different people. So I feel a bit like I haven’t really had a proper professional identity. And now that will be different: it’s a bit like a rite of passage.

It’s also an important opportunity for me because I’ve never had so much space to display my work in before, and consequently I’ve been able to put more out than ever before. In addition to the table cabinet, which contains a selection of jewellery, and three walls for my prints, I have a tall display cabinet. Quite an unusual space for a jeweller! In order to make sense of this, and to put an educational slant on the show, I’ve used this area to talk about process as well as product. I hope it makes it a bit more interesting for visitors: it’s already led to some good discussions.

Most things on show are for sale, and 25% of the takings go to support our wonderful local museum, so that’s great! The show is open until the end of the month, and there will be a special reception from 12.00 – 14.00 this Saturday 14th, and it’d be lovely to see you there!


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