Great craft at the Great Northern

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair last weekend – not only did I make some good sales, I also found some wonderful things there to buy, and shopping always makes me happy!

Dove Street Pottery Dove Street Pottery

OK, I confess that most of it was ‘window shopping’, but I couldn’t resist buying a fruit bowl from Dove Street Pottery. You can see even with just this handful of tomatoes and a couple of lemons that the glaze is perfect for displaying fruit.


My stand was next door to Andrea’s ‘&made‘ stand: beautiful textiles. I love the colours she uses, and those cushions are on my wish list.

Amy Lawrence

Jewellery is always hard to photograph for blog posts as it’s usually so small, but Amy Lawrence had a great wall display of her bold yet detailed textile neckpieces.

Maike Browning Maike Browning

I loved Maike Browning‘s display too. She’d displayed a selection of tools as well as her intricate jewellery. A terrific idea.


These vibrant glass vessels by CatMackGlass were real attention grabbers too.

Katharina Klug

Being a line-lover I was drawn to these beautiful ceramic vessels by Katharina Klug. The coloured interiors are a lovely touch.

Treefall Design

One thing that always fascinates me about shows is the whole process of set up, and how some makers really do transform their stands. It’s just like watching one of those home transformation programmes, except there’s 160 or so of them going on at the same time! Treefall Design had a particularly well dressed stand, just like a little room, and full of lovely wares too.

Lucy Anne Harding

I was also fascinated by Lucy Anne Harding‘s stand, and her work. Taking her inspiration from the milk round that she and her family have been doing for generations, she has developed a whole collection to display her fun, whimsical graphics. Just lovely. I was drawn back repeatedly to look again.

Anne Laycock

Anne Laycock‘s bold ceramic and rubber jewellery was really strong too. Those neckpieces would be perfect against a simple black dress: real statement pieces.

Robert Ingham

I also really liked these clocks by Robert Ingham. Very simple, elegant, contemporary.

Sarah Hutchison's silver vessels

And talking of elegance, Sarah Hutchison‘s fine silver bowls are just gorgeous.


Finally, here’s a quick snap of me at my stand, talking with one of the many, many lovely visitors we had over the weekend.


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